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We analyse case law using modern network theory

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Our goal with CLAWS is to provide you with a high quality research tool. CLAWS' search technology improves the accuracy and speed at which you can find relevant case law.

We perform modern data analysis on the entire body of case law from the United Kingdom and other relevant jurisdictions. This enables our computer code to understand what you actually intend to find when you enter a search term. As a result, we do not only return cases that are a literal match to your query, but also those that have most relevant content for your research.

CLAWS analyses case law in a cutting-edge way. We provide you a clear presentation of the law's complex structure, and aim to streamline your research to increase your efficiency. Sign up or...

...try out our visualization. This is currently working with a test data set of 50 cases. Bear in mind that we will rapidly iterate over many different visualizations as we try to improve, and the page, therefore, may change from day to day.

Referential relationships - graphical representation

Clear presentation is a critical feature to make sense of large amounts of complex data. We map the structure of case law and allow you quick and intuitive navigation through tens of thousands of cases.

Meet the team!

We are a group of scientists and legal professionals who met at university. We are currently developing a prototype of CLAWS that builds on our experience in data analysis and computer programming. Feel free to get in touch with us if you are interested to learn more about the direction we are headed.

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